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Founded in the centuries-old city of Salzburg, Austria      

Hongar Farms has a long tradition of serving only the finest cuisine to travelers from all over the world.  In recent years, we've brought our famed line of cooking products to chefs and home cooks all across the US.  We naturally infuse many of our products with fresh dehydrated herbs and spices for a variety of all-natural flavors.

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Tastes as good as it looks!

Hongar Farms is your ideal source for delicious, gourmet cooking oils and vinegars that add a flavorful flair to any meal.  Your dinner table will never be the same once you've cooked with our exquisite all-natural products.

Hand picked with the freshest ingredients.

All of the herbs in our infused oils are carefully placed in each bottle by hand during our natural infusion process.


Our Products

Infused Oils

Flavor meets function with our infused oils. Our high-heat cooking oil blend is perfect for almost any use, and not to mention full of your favorite dried herbs.

Specialty Oils

Our specialty oils include premium olive oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil, packed with nutrients and pure, delicious flavor. Find your favorite today.

Gourmet Oils

Our premium extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil mingle with flavorful dehydrated herbs to create the Hongar Farms Gourmet Oils collection. 

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