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HonFoo Specialty Foods feature time-honored and Asian-inspired ingredients. Our flavor rich cooking oils bring the unmistakable taste of Asian cuisine to your kitchen for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


Our Toasted Sesame Seed Oil features a strong umami-rich flavor profile and serves as the secret harmonizer in Asian cuisines, adding a unique richness to any dish. Derived from 100% sesame seeds lightly toasted to perfection, this oil contains one single ingredient that allows the natural sesame flavor to bloom. It is a minimally processed food product, containing no artificial colors, preservatives, or additives.

Use to add extra flavor to your stir fry

Drizzle over ramen or soup

Use as a base for dumpling sauce


Designed to handle high heat, our Spicy Sriracha Oil is perfect for stir frying, pan searing, and sautéing. The heat will amplify the unique flavor profile, further infusing any cuisine with depth and complexity of garlic, vinegar, and sweet essence with a subtle hint of heat. The flavor profile also remains strong when used as a finishing touch or marinade, making it a versatile oil for any kitchen.


Use to add extra flavor to your stir fry

Use to pan sear pork or beef

Use as a base for seafood marinade


bottled in Tucker, GA by Hongar Farms

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